About the Artist

Laura El is a digital illustrator based in NYC. Prior to NFTs, she ran a successful business as a full-time commission artist and printmaker. Over the years, she developed the remarkable ability to tell stories through a single image. Her unique style is a fusion of squiggly line work and flat color textures, which come together to encourage the viewer's imagination. Laura has been featured in major publications including Forbes, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart, Cosmopolitan, and Medici Minutes. You can follow her journey on Twitter @iamlaurael.

About the Collection

Each illustration is digitally hand-drawn on a drawing tablet and finalized in photoshop. The typical piece consists of ~10,000 brush strokes on 100 different layers. The storyline was planned out from the beginning and each piece is an important part of the story that culminates with the delivery of important messages.

The Lurkers is a storytelling collection that explores the classic struggle of good versus evil and the coming of age decision we face as to which path to follow in life. Evil is ever-present in our world and represented by dark spirits known as Lurkers. The story touches on the choices we make, the consequences of our decisions, human perception, and ultimately, the overcoming power of good.

Where to Purchase?

Each of the 23 pieces in The Lurkers series was minted as a 1/1 NFT on the Solana blockchain. Solana is one of the “greener” blockchains. A transaction on Solana requires less energy than 2 Google searches. You can own a piece of The Lurkers by purchasing an original NFT here. If the piece you are interested in is not listed for sale, you can make an offer via the marketplace. Alternatively, if you're interested in purchasing a piece feel free to contact me on Twitter. If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of The Lurkers book, see here.